Website Trust Icons. Do They
Increase Or Decrease Sales?

by andrew

[00:07] Hello everyone! Do you use trust icons on your website? What effect could they have, positive or negative on sales, leads, or driving people into your offline premises if you are a vet, a retail pharmacy, or a private hospital, or any other type of business?.

Let’s take a look at real life test to see what effect it can have. So, on the left this is an UK company where they actually have not used

[00:30] a trust icon. On the right, you could see that they’ve added it at the bottom corner. It’s called Feefo and it offers a service rating. And so if the trust icons obviously is recognized in the country you’re targeting, it can have an effect. But let’s have a look at an actual result, and see which test actually won. So they’re driving 50% of the traffic to one page, 50% of another traffic to another page, it was the one with the trust icons.

[01:00] And it got an increase in revenue per visitor of 3%, and 2.94% increase in total flight bookings over the original, which is what’s known as the control version, which is where they didn’t have the trust icon on there.

So, is this going to be the case all the time where it increases your sales or increases your offline visitors or leads? Not necessarily. They tested 4 different versions. And one of the version got a 4.57% decline in

[01:30] revenue per visitor. When they added it to the payment page. However when they tested it across all pages, it actually delivered the best result.

So what’s the take away here? Always obviously test. Make sure that you find the best trust icons for your business, and make sure you understand how they work through your site in terms of the marketing funnel and see what obviously gives you the best results.

So I hope

[02:00] that’s interesting, if you got any questions regarding Integrated Marketing contact us at Thanks for watching, and we’ll speak to you soon.

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