Does Professional Marketing Copy Really Increase Sales?

by andrew

[00:06] Hello everyone! Do you have a professional marketing copy on you website? Does creating urgency really work? Marketing copy is very different to normal content. Have you tested different words on your call to action button to get more click through rates, more leads, sales, and people to your offline premises if you’re a vet, a retail pharmacy, or a private hospital, or any other

[00:30] type of business. Let me show you a real life example now where on the left from AWeber, they created a call to action button with adding the word now to it. And that’s the only difference between that version and version B that you can see here. So what actually got the most amount of paid results from changing just one word. It was version A. Where they added the now

[01:00] and it got 12% more paid sign ups just as a result of changing one word in their call to action button. So, that is something that you must take away to test and measure. And don’t assume that marketing power words if you’re familiar with those like easy, proven, new, always work, find out for sure in your website. I hope that’s helpful, if you got any questions, contact us at And if you need

[01:30] any help with leads and desktop/mobile creation in terms of websites, and also Integrated Marketing or Google Analytics conversion analysis, we’d love to talk to you. Thanks for watching and we’ll speak to you soon.

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