Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy

by andrew

The most important strategy is how each of the digital media strategies are actually connected with each other and in what order to deliver leads and sales together how you actually track and measure ROI using Google Analytics.

Integrated Marketing Communication Strategy
Integrated Marketing Communication Strategy



The most important strategy is how each of the digital media strategies are actually connected with each other and in what order to deliver leads and sales together how you actually track and measure ROI using Google Analytics.


0:39 What is My Google Business Local listing?

2:14 The Main Problem in the Digital Marketing Industry

4:38 The most important tool we have used to grow sales & leads in 10 years full time

5:21 Where do people’s eyes go on a website and what your business can use for a low investment

6:00 Scroll Tracking – How useful would it be to know how far down the page people leave your website?

6:44 Split run testing – A simple example that can double your profits

7:12 What does a conversion mean on a website?

7:26 What is an advanced method of testing to grow your customers?

7:41 What is the key to success of online and offline marketing? An essential example is shown.

9:48 What is PPC or Pay-Per-Click? Why you need to know.

10:29 A survey that actually shows where people are pumping their money to in terms of investments for Internet marketing

11:21 What are the different types of mobile friendly websites and which one should you use?

15:20 Critical examples of integrated digital marketing

17:45 Why your website loading time will make or break your leads & sales

Google maps is one of the main local strategies for a bricks and mortar business,

It’s too big a subject to go into detail apart from it is about local directories, it’s about reviews, it’s about optimization of your website as well as the links coming in to your website and the Google Maps listings.

Okay so the main issue is I honestly know, while there are some definitely good marketing companies out there so I’ll be very clear about that, business owners are getting ripped off by sales pitches and empty promises and I see it on a daily basis.

As an Integrated Marketing Strategist & after nearly 10 years of doing this I know that integrated marketing is the key and we are going to talk about that as we go through this.

I did literally waste thousands and thousands of dollars as you do, not knowing what you are doing and I made a very smart decision because I was lucky enough to come across a group of internet marketers to who are literally in the top 1% in the world and they truly are in the top 1% in the world.

The message is clear and really to repeat what I’ve already said it’s about Google Analytics, it’s about measuring.

There are different ways to measure your success online as well as offline but I can tell you if you put me on the spot after nearly 10 years and say what’s the number 1 skill to be aware of, it’s measuring and I know for a fact that virtually no one looks at Google analytics on an advanced basis..

It`s literally worth hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars but it will tell you whether you’re going to get that ultimate phrase that everybody talks about, return on investment, including as you all know social media, as well as your offline marketing.

“Our website is now functioning more efficiently to help achieve our commercial targets.” that’s a reference from SUNCORP Stadium who we worked with on SEO and Google Analytics, just to let you know, that we might be able to help your business.

So does anybody know what a mobile friendly website truly means? it’s basically about the desktop content is exactly the same on a mobile but it’s obviously going to be read very easily.

There is something else which I am sure has been discussed previously, which is a custom mobile site, where the content is a lot less and is a dedicated site still on the same URL. This converts a lot better than a mobile friendly website, so that’s all I’ll say, because it is built for a mobile experience.

Examples of integrated digital marketing.

Google Adwords only should work with Google Analytics. I hand on heart have not seen a Google Adwords management company in 9 in a So the two have to go together.

There was a recent survey online that said for every extra second after the first second the website loads, you lose 7% of leads and sales. Most websites 5,6,8,10 seconds and more in some cases.

But what’s the point of doing paid advertising or any advertising, if you actually don’t know how fast your website is really loading? Because they’ll just leave anyway. Stands to reason.

The issue is when you use multiple companies for your internet marketing, one looks after social media, one looks after paid advertising, one looks after websites, etc, they don’t talk to each other.

They are unlikely to have the integrated marketing knowledge to actually pull it all together and then actually, most importantly, get you the leads and sales or drive people into the brick and mortar stores.
Grow your leads & sales with proven strategies that track your ROI

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