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Does Email Increase Sales?

by andrew

[00:06] Hello everyone! Do you have an ecommerce store? How do you tested how many people actually abandon your cart and then you can actually follow up with them by email?

I’m going to show you a real life test here, where they didn’t follow up but one percentage of their audience, but they did follow up by email with the other percentage of the audience that actually abandoned their cart. So which one actually

[00:30] delivered the best results in terms of sales? Let’s take a look. It was actually the one that followed up with those who had abandoned the cart by email. And so, I don’t know what they put in their email, but the actual result are pretty stunning. They actually got a 91.6% increase in sales just by following up with those who had abandoned the cart for some reason. The difference was worth several thousand

[01:00] pounds. So what are you doing on your ecommerce site right now, to capture the details of those who don’t like your cart for whatever reason, don’t perhaps add your products for other reasons to follow up with them?. Because it really could be worth a lot of money.

So I hope that’s helpful. If you got any questions, contact us at andrewredwards.com/contact. If you need any help with creation of lead generation website, ecommerce websites or Google

[01:30] Analytics conversion analysis, we will be happy to talk to you. Thanks for watching, and we’ll speak to you soon.

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