Could Your Contact Us Form
Create More Leads?

by andrew

[00:06] Hello everyone! Have you tested your website contact us form for effectiveness? Are they driving people away, or they actually helping to get qualified leads?. Have you tested the color design, have you tested how many fields people are willing to fill in before they just abandon the form? I’m going show you a real life test that demonstrates that it’s absolutely worth knowing the answer to

[00:30] this question. So in version A on the left, they completely redesigned the contact us form which I’ll show you a little bit later. But it has no banner at the top which emphasizes the qualifying criteria, which I’ll show you now, in version B, that shows the “minimum requirement $500,000”.

So, the question is, which actually delivered more leads to this particular company?

[01:00] The actual answer, was version A, without the qualifying banner. And so that maybe surprising, but I think the consensus is that the qualifying criteria of $500,000 was far too much.

The real key point here is that they increased their leads by 170 percent just by testing which form delivered the best result. Now this form is dramatically different, in the way that it looks compared to the previous version. So they

[01:30] dedicated a whole page to it, they expanded the fields, they’re nice and wide, they got the nice blue color around the outside, they got a picture, and they got marketing copy to reinforce the message with a good call to action button as well.

And so, this makes a big difference because if I show you what it used to look like, yes, that’s what it used to look like. So can you improve your website form? Because clearly it is extremely important.

[02:00] So, I hope that’s interesting, if you have got any questions on google adwords, marketing communications contact us at websites /contact. Thanks for watching, and we’ll speak to you soon.

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